Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's in a Name?

     Did Shakespeare have it right? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?
     In elementary school, I was the only Stacy around. In fact, the only other Stacy I'd ever even heard of was Stacy Keach, and he was pretty popular thanks to the Mike Hammer movies. Unfortunately, he was the only Stacy a lot of my fellow classmates had heard of and I was often made fun of for my "boy's name".
     When high school came around a few Stacey's started popping up. In one of my "education" classes we watched a film where a high school couple got pregnant. The teen mother's name was Stacey and I noticed she was quite a whiny little thing. Offended that my name was associated with a whiny character, I pointed out that her name was spelled with an 'e', where mine was not. More female Stacey's began to surface, each of them a bit more whiny than the last. Trying to keep myself separated from the whiner's club, I was rudely awakened one day when an older guy (who I'm pretty sure was interested in my older sister) nicknamed me "whiner". (Thanks Hathaway! You cute older guy with adorable hats.) That changed my perspective on a lot of things and I worked really hard from that day on to outgrow said nickname.
     Today, living in Utah, I've discovered that the name Stacy was quite popular when I was born, I just happened live in the wrong area. I even have a neighbor with the same spelling (shout out to Sr.!). And we are definitely not known for our whining. Sarcasm, sure, but not complaining.
     But I was curious about this name of mine, so I googled it. Guess what? Stacy's a pretty dang cool name!

Stacy's Pita chips-all natural, extra crunchy, delicious!
Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies- first a novel by Kenji Otsuki now a motion picture (major purposely excluded)
City of Stacy, MN- population 1439
Of course, we all know Stacy's mom has got it going on!
Last but not least, there's an incredibly witty woman named Stacy who has her own blog- A 'B' Verb Was My Friend.

     And there you have it. Stacy- a cool name to have.

     So what do you think of your name?