Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Long Time No Blog...

Yep, been awhile. But since I only have 11 followers, half of which are family, it doesn't really matter what, or if for that matter, I write. The point is that I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. Or even write and I've been craving to write. Like, lock myself in our new office and plug away at the keyboard until my fingers bleed, crave. My first novel, SHY, was published on August 24th and I've already sold tens of copies! Off to an incredible start. So yeah, not many people have bought, but those who have, have given me positive feedback. Granted, again they are mostly family, but it's always an ego boost to hear that someone enjoyed what you created.
That's how I see myself. A creator. Sara and Tarren are my creations. Their adventures together were invented in my head and carried out with my pen (well, keyboard) and paper (computer). And I love that feeling of carrying them through each adventure. From Sara's first dream and Tarren's first power test to the very end (c'mon, even though most of you who will read this have already read the book, you think I'm going to give spoilers? As my grandmother says, "p'shaw!")
Everyone has their own creative side. I have a sister who paints (awesomely), another sister who writes witty and funny, yet another sister who bakes and creates chocolate that makes the God of Chocolate (whoever that is) jealous. Mine is also writing. My stories are a little on the darker side with my heroines having to go through literary hell before they can emerge the heroine on the other side. I fought it, mind you. I didn't want to be dark. I wanted my writing to be light and romantic like the movies I love so much to watch. But every time I tried, they ended up like a Lifetime movie. (Not that all Lifetime movies are bad, there are a few I might personally own. Don't judge.) But other than for my own enjoyment, it wasn't me.
So there you have it. A bit of rambling so I could get my writing fix for a couple of hours. And you might have even learned something about me. woohoo.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brain Experiment For You (Yes, You)

What genre do you love to read/write? Supernatural, Historical fiction, non-fiction, YA, juvenile, board books, Women's lit, Fantasy, comedy, romance (ooh la la)?
A few years ago, my sisters and I did a writing exercise. One wrote a little about something, passed on the last sentence and the next sister continued writing based on what the sentence said. It was fun and the story was amusing. In fact, one of my sisters was inspired by her portion and wrote a book based on it. (A pretty amazing book, actually. One I hope the masses will be able to read very soon. hint, hint)
Lately, I've been wondering about how unique our minds are. Mix that with all the genres and there are endless ways to write about the same thing. SO... I want to try an exercise of my own.
Here's what to do:

 MC visits someone at work. While there, natural disaster strikes.

Take this line and write about it. I'm thinking 500 words or so. Post your story in the comments section of this post by July 15th. Then, just to make it fun, I'll repost them and we'll have a vote for the favorite. Winner gets a $10 Amazon card. 
Sound fun? Let your imagination flow. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shoot out on the Moore's

Please ignore the fact that I've not posted here in so long and instead focus on the purpose that has me blogging once again.
Many may know, or not know, that I, Stacy Kupiec, have written a little YA supernatural book. I did it a long time ago, thinking it was going to be the next big thing. I pictured the rolling out of red carpet as I passed by the paparazzi on my way in to watch the premiere. And I was glamourous.
I have since eaten many pieces of humble pie.
After being overstuffed on this bitter pie, I put the book away, took some writing lessons, and found a "different direction" to go in. I wrote another book. And then another. But always at the back of my mind was this first story. You see, even though I wasn't supposed to, I fell in love with my characters--Sarah and Tarren--and I felt that they deserved to have their story told.
With this decision finally made, I rolled up my figurative sleeves and rewrote their story, edited their story (several times), and then edited it once more. This time, I think it's ready.
Tonight I spent a little time at a photographer friend of mine's house as she took the photos that will be used on the cover of the book that tells Sarah and Tarren's story.
I took a few pics with my phone. I am not a photographer and these are not the pics that will be used on the cover. 
This is the model representing Tarren. Before the shoot, he pumped up his forearm for maximum vein-age. Nice!

Laying down on the job. Hee Hee. It looks weird to you, because you don't know what's going on.
But you will!